Premium Business invest in wide range of investments opportunities as: start-ups, media, digital solutions, property, & trading deals. PB founder has a collective business experience of 30 Years in different areas as business building, sales, market-entry, business development, project management, & international trade. Naturally, PB owns a strong network of reputable & trustworthy partners in EU, GCC, LEVAN, MENA & the world. PB has business partners & market experience in 30 countries globally. PB expanding in the UK market with recognized business partners, who provide PB with great lucrative opportunities. PB passion is business building, identify new market opportunities, gather the partners to seize such opportunity, work to grow & develop the business to reach its ultimate goals. PB has its own network of partners’ investors, concurrently with inviting new investors to share our business. PB offers a wide range of investment opportunities & full-fledged business solutions in the UK market & globally as well. 


Naturally owned a strong foundation of reputation & trustworthy relations ships in Egypt, EU & Africa. PB has business partners in 30 countries around the world and has ‎experience in another 15 countries.‎



No Investor can achieve entering a new market same like local expert Investor; thus, it will be a privilege to have such expert in your side.


To be your local business partner for your International business


  • To build a high ROI investment diversified portfolio.
  • Sourcing & creating new business opportunities.
  • Build a network of partners investors 


Ehab has more than 28 years of experience in the field ‎of investment, business development, marketing & pharmacies. ‎In Parallel, He began his own ‎private business, he had established ‎DR. Ehab Pharmacies Chain as a cluster of 5 pharmacies within 10 years.Ehab established with other, ‎PLUS1DEAL consultancy for developing & trading services, serving the needs ‎of 12 European Brands to make their smooth market entry to the Egyptian markets.Then, he was assigned as a program ‎consultant for the mega French group Safran specialised in ‎Aerospace, defence & security. ‏‎ ‎Ehab has joined Alliance Experts Network as an associated partner ‎in June 2017 to represent the network activities in the UK.‎Now, Ehab is a partner in number of UK companies, working in property investment, media production, digital marketing & e-commerce trading.